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The Dorenfest Group is a healthcare investment and consulting firm offering a variety of improvement services to help support a more positive world future. Its founder, Mr. Sheldon I. Dorenfest, is one of the world's foremost experts in healthcare systems improvement. He has personally consulted with the governments of the USA, France, England, Australia and Canada on a variety of healthcare issues. Mr. Dorenfest has managed a series of successful healthcare improvement businesses and has personally consulted with over 300 hospitals on a worldwide basis to help them strategize, select, and implement information systems to improve hospital operations. He has also worked with over 200 H.I.T. suppliers to help them improve their understanding of the H.I.T. market, shape new products and strategies, and better serve their customers.

The Dorenfest Group is a leading source of knowledge about the worldwide healthcare industry and its improvements needs. Providing a variety of consulting services throughout the world, The Dorenfest Group focuses these services on improving healthcare while reducing costs by helping its clients to improve work processes, management systems, and quality of medical care.

In 2006 The Dorenfest Group formed The Dorenfest China Healthcare Group to offer a variety of investment and consulting services to the healthcare industry in China. Based in Shanghai, The Dorenfest China Healthcare Group will invest its skill, technology, and capital in well defined projects to help China to improve its healthcare system. After an 18-month investigation, The Dorenfest China Healthcare Group is now providing a variety of improvement services to the China healthcare system. These services in China include:

  • The Dorenfest China Healthcare Group "model hospital" program implementation
  • Hospital management and work process improvement
  • Hospital I.T. consulting
  • Hospital contract management
  • Hospital ownership
  • Healthcare investment advisory services
  • Healthcare education symposiums and seminars
  • Healthcare supplier consulting
  • Healthcare insurance consulting
  • Healthcare market research services

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