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Eastern Opportunities, Modern Healthcare, February 2013

Renssalaer in China, Sheldon Dorenfest Shares Insights on the Future of Healthcare in China, April 2012

Asia Healthcare Blog by Benjamin Shobert, A Conversation with Sheldon Dorenfest, March 2012

Rx for China’s Healthcare Headaches Knowledge@Wharton, April 2010

China’s Healthcare Reform Creates Opportunities for Western Companies, According to Industry Veteran Inside Healthcare Computing, 2009 November

Dorenfest Forecasts Fate of Health Information Technology in US and China Medicexchange, August 2009

Sheldon Dorenfest on H.I.T. CPB Monthly GB Information Podcast

Three Improvement Opportunities in China Health IT. China Computer World - New Health Times, 2009 June

The Third Party Consultancy Company helps hospital optimize its IT management.
e-Health 2009 Jan/Feb

Better decisions, better management and better training. e-Health 2009 Jan/Feb

China's Medical Boom.Time Magazine

China's Healthcare IT Market Is Ready to Explode, But Vendor Risk Runs Deep Without Careful Study Inside Healthcare Computing

Pulse Diagnosis of Chinese Healthcare Industry Global Entrepreneur

Three-Year Review: HIMSS Analytics and Dorenfest Institute. Healthcare IT News

Prudential Research Paper. Healthcare IT: Transcript from conference call with Sheldon Dorenfest - Healthcare IT in China

China H.I.T. Case Study. Pacific Health Summit

Dorenfest Says China's HIT Opportunities are Like the 1970s. Inside Healthcare Computing

Defining CPOE: Here's a look at the current state of computerized physician order entry in U.S. integrated delivery systems. ADVANCE for Health Information Executives

The Decade of the '90s: Poor Use of IT investment contributes to the growing healthcare crisis. Healthcare Informatics

Focus on Consultants: Has Consultants' Spigot Slowed as Providers Ponder Waste? Health Management Technology

Leadership Profile: Sheldon I. Dorenfest. CHIM ADVISOR

1995 & Beyond: Stepping Around the Pitfalls. Healthcare Informatics

A Marriage of Necessity: Automated and Manual Systems. Health Management Technology

The Need for Better Health Care Information Systems in the Health Care Industry. American Airlines In-Flight Audio Program interview produced by Crain's American Business, the in-flight audio channel on American Airlines

The Decade of the 1980s: Large Expenditures Produce Limited Progress in Hospital Automation. U.S. Healthcare





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