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The Dorenfest China Healthcare Group began HIT consulting, education and training in China in the fall of 2006. At that time, Chinese hospitals were desirous of taking a big leap forward in clinical automation and work process improvement, but early adopters of clinical systems automation were not getting good results and hospital leaders were uncertain about how to move forward with their I.T. efforts. Consulting services to help them with their strategic plans was not in the minds of hospital leaders at that time. We saw the opportunity and began to provide educational efforts to hospital leaders to give them the tools to improve results when buying and implementing new I.T. systems. The success of our education led to the sale of consulting projects. Some of our recent clients are described below:

Shenzhen Health Bureau
Shenzhen, China

The city of Shenzhen is a pilot site for China's national goals to create digital hospitals with electronic health records and to share the information throughout all of the hospitals in Shenzhen through a regional health network. The Shenzhen Health Bureau had been working on this project for a period of time and had developed many questions about how to move forward to accomplish its goals. It felt that if it turned to the experience of other countries and did more of what these countries did right and less of what they did wrong in moving towards electronic health records and regional health networks, it would be able to move forward more effectively. Shenzhen Health Bureau asked The Dorenfest Group to help them develop a strategic plan for successfully implementing digital hospitals and a regional health network in Shenzhen. Shenzhen is now in the early stages of implementing our recommendations.

In 2009, Shenzhen Health Bureau would like to begin a rapid execution of the remaining tasks in the implementation plan. Thus they engaged the Dorenfest China Healthcare Group again to assist them in evaluating and selecting the right combination of products to meet the goals of the RHN and Digital Hospital projects and managing the implementation of the RHN and Digital Hospital projects.

Shanghai Changning Maternity and Infant Health Institute
Shanghai, China

Shanghai Changning Maternity and Infant Health Institute is a longer term, more sophisticated user of health information technology. It has several clinical applications operational, including a partially automated electronic health record and was desirous of becoming a fully digital hospital. It had a number of questions about how to accomplish its objectives and asked The Dorenfest Group to assist them in developing an I.T. assessment and strategic plan.

Since the assessment and strategy project was completed in 2007, SCMI has felt that the consulting service is very helpful. The hospital management team has been making a lot of positive changes since the consulting project. Currently the hospital management team would like to make further improvement in their EMR system. SCMI thus engaged the Dorenfest China Healthcare Group again to assist them in defining the functional requirements for the new EMR system, selecting the EMR vendor and in managing the system implementation.

Hong Kong Hospital Authority
Hong Kong, China

Hong Kong Hospital Authority (HKHA) is one of the worlds leading users of I.T. HKHA now supports 43 hospitals in Hong Kong providing healthcare services to over 90% of the cities population with electronic health records for 8 million people in a seamless work process. HKHA has invested considerable effort and resources for many years to develop its healthcare information systems. HKHA has recently undertaken a strategic assessment to investigate the possibility of commercializing its I.T. assets both locally and internationally. The Dorenfest Group, in partnership with IBM, was engaged to assess HIT market interest in commercializing the I.T. assets of HKHA

Peking University Third Hospital
Beijing, China

Peking University Third Hospital is one of the largest class 3A hospitals in Beijing. The management team would like to take some major steps to improve work processes, management systems and services to patients through more and better use of I.T. systems in the hospital. The Dorenfest Group was engaged to assist this hospital in reviewing their current I.T. systems and to identify opportunities for improving hospital operations through more extensive and better use of I.T. systems in the hospital.

Chongqing Health Bureau
Chongqing, China

Chongqing Health Bureau is planning a regional health information network for the city. The Dorenfest Group has been engaged to review the current HIT situation in Chongqing hospitals, community clinics, and public health services and develop a strategic plan for the first phase of the regional health information network.

Rizhao Peoples Hospital
Rizhao, Shangdong

Rizhao Peoples Hospital is the largest hospital in Rizhao. It is a Class 3 hospital with over 900 beds. Due to the rapid growth of business, Rizhao Peoples Hospital is planning to replace its current billing oriented HIS system with a new clinical oriented HIS system. The Dorenfest China Healthcare Group was engaged to assist this hospital to develop a future I.T. plan and assist in system selection.

Microsoft China
Beijing, China

Microsoft is now marketing Amalga HIS as a foundation product for its worldwide efforts to serve the HIT market. It has engaged The Dorenfest Group to help them with its strategy for Chinatizing Amalga HIS and building a successful business in China. Dorenfest is now in the process of helping Microsoft to determine the appropriate strategy for success in the China HIT market.

An Example Educational Program of The Dorenfest China Healthcare Group
Beijing, China

Chinese hospitals are beginning to upgrade I.T. system. Because I.T. investment has not been as successful as hospital presidents expected and desired, there is a concern among hospital presidents in China about how to plan, implement and manage the changes that are associated with improving I.T. use in their hospitals. In order to provide educational support to help hospitals learn how to strengthen the hospital I.T. management capability in China, the Dorenfest Group partnered with the Beijing Health Bureau, Chongqing Health Bureau, and Zhejiang Provincial Health Department to host three invitational conferences for hospital presidents between August 25th to August 30th, 2007 entitled "Using Information Technology to Improve Hospital Work Processes and Management Systems."

A distinguished faculty of global experts participated in this program, including:

  • Richard Granger, Director General of I.T. for the NHS in England
  • Andre Greyling, CIO of the Hong Kong Hospital Authority
  • Wei-Tih Cheng, former CIO of Aetna and Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Hospital in the U.S.
  • Sheldon I. Dorenfest, President of The Dorenfest Group and The Dorenfest China Healthcare Group
This conference focused on the historical experience and lessons learned in global use of I.T. in hospitals. It also compared the current status of hospital I.T. around the world to China. The program helped Chinese hospital presidents to better understand how to use I.T. to improve work processes, management systems and services to patients in China so that Chinese hospitals will leapfrog the rest of the world in the use of information technology.

The three conferences were a great success. We had over 100 attendees at each of the conferences. The attendees included over 50% of the hospital presidents of Class 3 hospitals in these cities. On a scale of 1-5, the attendees rated the conference an average of 4.5. All of the attendees said they would like more education and they laid out a series of topics that they would like to see covered in future education.


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