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The Dorenfest China Healthcare Group is planning to invest its skill, technology, and capital in well defined projects to help China to improve its healthcare system. We are now in the process of reviewing candidates to implement our "model hospital" vision which includes the following characteristics:
  • Provides improved quality of care to its patients
  • Operates at a highly efficient level through effective use of systems and better work processes
  • Offers its services to patients at an affordable cost
  • Creates a highly satisfied patient population with the patients observing a noticeable improvement in the services and treatments provided by the hospital
  • Utilizes appropriate digital technology to create a state of the art "digital hospital"
The Dorenfest China Healthcare Group has the goal of selecting a project for its "model hospital" by June of 2007. The criteria for the selection of this project will include:
  • A friendly, supportive local government
  • A capable hospital management team
  • Supportive physicians and employees

Once this initial project proves itself, The Dorenfest China Healthcare Group will replicate the work done on that project to create other "model hospitals" throughout China. We will focus on making the characteristics of the model hospitals consistent with China's healthcare reform goals, so as the model accomplishes its objectives, it can become part of a national program for Chinese healthcare improvement.

In addition to the "model hospital project," The Dorenfest China Healthcare Group, from time to time, will invest in companies in the healthcare industry. We are always looking for new ideas, and if you would like to discuss investment opportunities with us, please contact us.


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